Our Process

Our Process

Steeped in Tradition, Rooted in Community.

A shell of kava shared with friends is happiness

Shell. Vibe. Repeat.

We make our kava through the traditional process, just as they do in the Vanuatu or Solomon Islands. We use a precise mixing method which allows the kava to steep in the water so that it releases the kavalactones, then we strain it with a fine grind strainer to ensure that the product is smooth. In an effort to not cause any harshness on the liver, all parts of the root are removed and we are left with a superior product that allows for relaxation, lessens anxiety and can provide the feelings of an elevated mood.

Our green and white herbal teas are perfectly steeped and served hot or cold in their natural and traditional state. As an herbal supplement, kratom has been used to increase focus, physical stimulation and can assist with inflammation. When used as an alternative to pharmaceuticals, in low doses, this herbal tea is commonly enjoyed in both social and daily life. 

As with all supplements, it is advised to consult your primary physician before usage.

A cup of tea makes everything better.

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