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Meet the

Jupiter Vibes Tribe



Walt and Shaalan are the father-son-duo that is bringing bulas to the beach in Jupiter, Florida. Their story began with Shaalan finding a home in the kava community, and his holistic lifestyle and focus on nutrition gave him the insight into the herb that helped to shape his future lifestyle. 

Shaalan is a certified personal trainer, as well as a property manager, and his entrepreneurial spirit has given him the insight needed to create the perfect step in his career: owning his own Island Vibes Kava Bar.

Walt is a father, grandfather and all around certified bada**. He loves snowboarding and fishing, and in his spare time he designs, builds and crashes drones while participating in First Person View (FPV) Drone Racing. He also personally designed the “Kava Bug” a Volkswagen Beatle with a personality. You can recognize the Kava Bug with its bright lime green colors and Island Vibes Jupiter Stickers.

Shaalan introduced Walt to the kava bar community after Walt was hit by a drunk driver on his way home from work to have dinner with his wife. Walt was extremely fortunate to walk away from the accident, but there was prolonged damage. Shaalan saw his stepfather in pain and encouraged him to try an herbal tea with him at Island Vibes Kava Bar in West Palm Beach. For Walt, the tea provided tremendous pain relieving properties, and he has been using kava and herbal tea to manage his pain, relax and feel better ever since.

When Island Vibes began to franchise, Walt and Shaalan were one of the first ready to begin the expansion plan. 

“The kava community has done so much for me, from creating lasting friendships to recovering from muscle fatigue and helping Walt with pain,” Shaalan said. “I knew that Island Vibes Kava Bar Jupiter was the perfect business for us to go into together.”

Shaalan used his art degree to guide the inspiration for the logo with the Jupiter Lighthouse, hand drawn by Shaalan, and channeled his creativity into designing the bar. Walt executed all of the details, and their friends and family helped to make it the ideal beach kava bar setting.

“Our mission is to make our kava bar a place for everyone. We embrace the beach life, and we encourage sandy toes, families and, of course, bulas!” Walt concluded.